Saddleback Software’s Notes2Claims Special Education Management Software offers extensive options for all categories of services. The Individualized Education Plan and Electronic Forms follow Department of Education requirements and offers enhancements for evidence based outcomes measurements.

  • Notes2Claims completely separates the treatment plan and education plan, each plan allows individual data collection that produces individualized evidenced based outcomes.
  • Manage documents needed for special education referrals, evaluations, positive behavior plans which include Electronic Signatures.
  • Create assessments including all testing data scores.
  • IEP Management: Capture and maintain essential information without duplication. The Copy Function saves time updating a plan while maintaining previous versions. Customizable Goals and Objective Library reflects school and Common Core Standards with keyword search and extensive reporting. Compliance and Event Alerts with flexible parameters to stay in compliance with IDEA timelines and requirements.
  • Progress Notes are integrated with the education plan. Staff are always documenting against goals and objectives and identifying student progress with ease.
  • Progress Notes have several variations to accommodate preferences of data collection. Examples: Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA): to track the antecedent and behavior and desired outcome. Trial and Tasks (TT): to break down an objective into steps to focus or determine area of need.
  • Scheduler will keep track of appointments and meetings and send notifications when a progress note is late.
  • Track Data for State Reporting including diagnosis, case manager, staff and more, as needed.
  • Internal Messaging System lets staff communicate with each other, forward forms for review and signature, and track plans as well. Customizable Automated Notifications and Reminders improve workflow eliminating missing forms and expiring documents and employee trainings.